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Love in Covid Times

With the sickness breathing down our necks and dating apps forever on the rise, Who is really finding real love and affection (not to be construed with infection LoL)...

The simple idea that someone can actually know if they love someone without ever setting eyes on them or any real visual (in person) interaction is just mind boggling.

I’ve found love in sometimes the weirdest of places but always in person with real communication and connection. I have been in love at first sight. Well, if I'm being honest, I have fallen in love many times and it’s always real!!! People say there's no way I or anyone else can love more than one person. If you had any idea how big my heart is and how much love I have to give, then maybe you could understand me better.

Every woman that I ever loved truth be told I still love them all. Each their own person and yet they carried within them a spark or that "thing", that just made them everything I needed in my life at that point...

Sometimes I wonder if what an older man told me when I was in my twenties will become true. What he told me was that in our lifetimes we can find many loves, but we'll only ever have three "Great" loves in our lives and once they’re gone, they are gone!!! I hope on everything that those words aren't going to ring true for me... Well until the dust settles, I guess due to sickness both made up and real (LoL), I'll have to continue meeting females on these horrible Apps......

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